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Ron Belville, PharmD | President

Rons Pharmacy Services

In the last several years our company has transitioned from “in house” employee drivers to contract delivery services by region.

Discount Courier Services (DSC) has been a valued partner with us since June, 2013. DCS has been assisting us with our logistics needs for the Southern California region 24/7, 365 days of the year. After putting out an RFP for a regional delivery service, DSC was chosen. We renewed our contract and are looking forward to continued success between our two companies.

DCS has a wonderful tracking system that helps us track out Rx numbers, gives us real time status and proof of delivery which is vital in our business. DCS drivers are uniformed (ID badge), well groomed, and very presentable which is very important to us in servicing our clients.

On a rare occasion when a challenge arises, DCS Dispatch and Management are quick to act and resolve the issue immediately.

I am pleased to write this recommendation and commend DCS for their services to our company.

Jerry McCrossan, Pharm.D. | Pharmacy Manager

Crescent Healthcare, Inc.

I have known and used Discount Courier Service for almost ten years. DCS has always provided excellent service for the patients of the companies they have provided service to. Matt and his employees always respond and represent their contracted service providers with delivery and customer service that meet and exceed in-house services. They especially understand the home healthcare business, the special needs of the patients, nurses, and pharmacies that provide home health services. Matt is innovative in adapting his services to my company’s needs. He has gone the extra mile to resolve any issues immediately as they arise.

I heartily recommend considering Discount Courier Service and Matt Lowe and their services for your patient care needs.

Caroline Sangari | Client Services Manager

BABCOCK Laboratories, Inc.

We are giving a recommendation letter in good faith to DCS Courier Service as a result of their excellent performance providing pick-up and delivery service for our company.

DCS started working as a courier service for Babcock Laboratories April 2013 and quickly proved to be a reliable provider of professional services with extraordinary customer service skills. Though DCS was new to environmental courier services they were able to train their staff to the rigorous requirements of transportation of samples in a timely and efficient manner. Also our business is not predictable and DCS has been able to provide us with STAT services that are needed. An added bonus is the monthly follow up call to ensure that no problems were encountered the previous month which gives us a chance to improve processes where necessary.

Everyone at DCS has been very helpful, friendly, and has provided us with information we have needed immediately.

Babcock Labs appreciates the relationship it has with DCS and is looking forward to many years of collaboration.

Sammy Refua | CEO

Premier Infusion Care

Discount Courier Services (DCS) has been providing our company with excellent service for two years. In 2007, we contracted with DCS to manage all delivery logistics for Premier Infusion Care. We need a courier service that can provide expeditious and timely delivery to our patients.

We can always count on DCS to resolve, fix, improve, and manage any delivery issue or situation with the utmost respect towards our patients and my staff. DCS communicates well with our company on any issues with patients.

Matt Lowe, DCS owner, always strives to structure his company to better fit our needs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other question in regards to DCS.

DCS Delivery provides Custom Delivery Services in California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Washington.